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The Dining Room  
Center Stage The Dining Room
Set in a single, well-to-do dining room, this innovative dramatic comedy from A.R. Gurney (Love Letters) presents a vivid portrait of family life through a mosaic of interrelated scenes. Through the ensuing series of 18 overlapping vignettes, covering an array of different time periods, the show's small cast of actors plays a range of different characters, revealing a wide array of insight into the human condition -- the joy, sorrow, love and laughter that accompanies the family life of a vanishing species: the upper-middle-class WASP. Enjoy Evergreen Players' touching and humorous production of The Dining Room at the Center Stage.



Twist Your Dickens  
Aurora Fox Arts Center Twist Your Dickens
After successful runs in L.A., Portland and Chicago, The Second City brings their irreverent and interactive seasonal satire to Aurora Fox Arts Center. A madcap sendup of the holiday classic, Twist Your Dickens finds Scrooge, Tiny Tim and those know-it-all ghosts hopelessly mixed up in zany holiday sketches with an ever-changing roster of the troupe's funniest comedians. Deemed by the Chicago Sun-Times as a "fresh and bountiful feast of funny," Second City alums and veteran Colbert Report writers Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort dreamed up this new take on A Christmas Carol. It's infused with hilariously unpredictable improv sketches and parodies of your favorite holiday specials.



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Annie Get Your Gun  
Jesters Dinner Theatre Annie Get Your Gun
The Wild West was full of larger-than-life characters: crack shots and gamblers, outlaws and stoic sheriffs. Annie Oakley could go toe-to-toe with any of them. Tough and outspoken, Annie could outshoot any man -- including Frank Butler, expert rifleman for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. When Bill asks Annie to join the show, the fellow sharpshooters quickly fall for each other -- until Annie becomes the star. This real-life legend of the Old West comes alive in the classic musical Annie Get Your Gun. Chock-full of timeless Irving Berlin tunes like "Anything You Can Do," "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly" and "There's No Business Like Show Business," this Broadway fave now comes to Jesters Dinner Theatre in Longmont in a fun production for the whole family.



Atomic: A New Rock Musical  
The Bug Theatre Atomic: A New Rock Musical
The atom bomb's creation during WWII was an unprecedented collaboration of minds. America's brightest academics. Brilliant refugee scientists fleeing the terrors of Europe. Government and military leaders. An army of construction and factory workers with no idea what they were working on. A tossed salad of humanity, united and driven by urgent necessity. Battling the clock, bureaucracy and each other to beat Hitler to the weapon that would decide the war. Only once Germany had surrendered did focus shift to Japanese cities. By then the project had grown too big to stop. But one man did try to stop it. A man since buried by history, but without whose intellect and determination the weapon that could end us might never have had its start. His name is Leo Szilard. His is the story of the bomb we only thought we knew. See Atomic in Denver at the Bug Theatre.



An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe  
John Hand Theater An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe
An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe is a theatrical experience like none other. Scott Glennon and Kw Badweed Johnson present a unique two-person show that is a combination of spoken word and original music, staged similarly to how Poe would have performed his own work to audiences over 100 years ago. Enjoy this Firehouse Theater Company production in Denver at the John Hand Theater.



The Kentucky Cycle, Part 1 and Part 2  
Vintage Theatre The Kentucky Cycle, Part 1 and Part 2
In the tradition of epic multigenerational family dramas like Alex Haley's Roots, Vintage Theatre presents Robert Schenkkan's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Kentucky Cycle: nine short plays that chronicle the lives of three intersecting families in an isolated section of eastern Kentucky: the Rowen family, descended from an uneducated, escaped indentured Irish servant; the Talbert family, homesteaders and landowners; and the Biggs family, enslaved African-Americans. The plays explore man's propensity toward violence -- whether racial, gender-based, or environmental -- and the fierce devotion to property and family that is part of America's rich and complex heritage. The Kentucky Cycle will be presented in two parts, running in repertory on different days and times.



Love Alone  
John Hand Theater Love Alone
When Helen's lesbian partner of 20 years dies unexpectedly in minor surgery, Helen and her daughter want answers. Confused by the hospital's silence around the death, they bring a lawsuit against the doctors. Now Dr. Becca Neal must confront her feelings about losing her patient while she juggles the demands of a lawsuit. Love Alone tracks the fallout in both the patient's and the doctor's homes, as both households navigate uncharted waters of anger, humor and longing. This powerful story of how we grieve and how we heal speaks to an essential truth: We will all be patients one day.